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Hapkido, literally translated, means the way (do) of power (ki) and coordination (hap). Hapkido is a comprehensive martial art, emphasizing kicking and punching as well as joint locks, throws, chokes, take downs, and the use of pressure points.

Hapkido focuses on two main philosophical ideas: circular motion and the water principle. Circular motion is a concept that allows the defender to deflect and redirect the attacker using the attacker's force and momentum, rather than meet force with force. The concept of the water principle looks at the actions of water in a stream. An obstacle in the path of the stream is not forced to move out of the way of the water, but rather the water flows around the obstacle. Hapkido allows the defender to flow around and through an aggressor's attack while manipulating the aggressor's power to his or her own advantage.

Hapkido is unique in that it allows the defender to have complete control of the situation with a minimal amount of effort and without unnecessary aggression or injuries to the defender or attacker. The study of Hapkido develops: strength, speed, agility, flexibility, coordination, discipline, sportsmanship, leadership, respect, peace of mind, self-confidence, winning spirit, character, mind and body harmony.

Note: The watermark (the symbol you can barely see in the background) is the word patience (in Korean). It is very important in learning any skill, especially in martial arts. Learning martial arts is a journey not a destination; and as with any worthwhile pursuit, it takes time. You will find this symbol in all our studios.
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