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It has been brought to the attention of our Federation that recently certain unauthorized letter purported to be issued under our instructions and containing false allegations has been sent to one of our senior members.  The said letter was also copied to various newspapers and magazine which unfortunately is not just a nuisance but has also caused confusion to the public and damaged the reputation of the addressee of the letter.  In order to redress the situation, We, Jin Pal Hapkido Martial Arts Federation  HEREBY DECLARE AND CONFIRM that Gum Ying Hapkido Studio (?????) operated by Master Thomas Lok (?????) is the only authorized Jin Pal Hapkido Studio in British Columbia and is the head studio in Canada representing our Federation.  Master Thomas Lok, an 8th Dan Black Belt, is a pupil of Mr. Kim Jin Pal (???), the founder and President of Jin Pal Hapkido Martial Arts Federation. 

We, Jin Pal Hapkido Martial Arts Federation  HEREBY FURTHER CONFIRM  that all the other Hapkido Studios in British Columbia are not member of and/or related to our Federation and/or Mr. Kim Jin Pal

Grandmaster Kim Jin Pal.

President, Jin Pal Hapkido Federation

May 2nd, 2008



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