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Dave Gaitens
dave2.jpgDave Gaitens
4th Dan
Regina, Chief Instructor

While living in Yorkton, Mr. Gaitens first started the martial arts with Judo under the instruction of Randy Chan. Eager to learn more he decided to cross train and joined Mid-West Karate. Soon after, he saw a Tae Kwon Do demonstration and was convinced to join under the instruction of Sa bom nim Wayne Mitchell of Kee's Tae Kwon Do (World Tae Kwon Do Federation)dave1.jpg

After graduating from the Yorkton Regional High School, Mr Gaitens moved to Regina where he continued studying Judo under the instruction of Sensei Mike Renouf at the Regina YMCA Judo Club. It was here in Regina that he stepped in to see the Jin Pal Hapkido dojang and decided to begin training under the instruction of Master Thomas Lok. After about two years, he decided to turn all of his attention to Hapkido and have since attained a fourth degree black belt. He is currently appointed chief instructor of the Regina studio.

Mr. Gaitens has had the honor and privilege to represent Grandmaster Jin Pal Kim, Master Thomas Lok and the Regina Jin Pal Hapkido studio in countless tournaments, seminars and demonstrations in and around Regina as well as Saskatoon, Vancouver, Washington D.C. and Seoul Korea.
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